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Taranaki Street - Available in July 2017

This Taranaki Street apartment (Vicino Apartments) is in an historical building renovated to earthquake standards, with excellent insulation making this a warm, north facing apartment. 

The property is available in July 2017.


Eastbourne “D

This property is now leased long term.

Full double-glazing, ceiling insulation, heat-pump and a heat transfer system make this house very cosy in winter, with air-con available in summer if necessary.

This property has 3 double bedrooms, a single bathroom with a separate toilet.  Easy to keep clean and yet spacious.

“D” is north facing with all the main windows receiving great sun.

A delightful neighbourhood, private, yet a tiny section to reduce workload, while being amongst the tuis just 100m from the beach or Greenwood park.  Off-street private parking beside the back door.

Click on the new picture below (with new double glazing) to review the property including a floorplan.

Eastbourne “C

Similar to Eastbourne D at the rear of the property, this townhouse is equipped and located the same as Eastbourne D.

The difference is that “C” has full privacy and a protected sun-deck, with sliding door access from the lounge

Petone Offices

We have office space in central Petone.  We plan to purchase more if it becomes available.

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